Terms & Conditions

Once a booking request is received and confirmed by our office in writing, the following T&C’s apply.

Number of Guests

Only persons whose name appear may reside in the apartment. Please contact the Corporate Housing office if you have additional guests staying overnight.  Additional charges may apply. Keys will be provided for adult guests and will not exceed the number of bedrooms of the apartment.

Lost Keys

Lockouts will incur a minimum fee of $140+GST, plus the replacement costs of all keys & swipe cards.


Contracts provide for all utility usage costs during the term of your stay, capped at $8 per day, which is above the average usage cost, even taking into consideration seasonal variations. Heating and Air-conditioning units must be turned off when the apartment is unoccupied, or it is likely that the utility costs may exceed the allowance. In this case, the Guest may be charged for the excess usage with a copy of the utility invoice provided for verification.

Apartment Contents / Services

All services are provided only to the Guest defined on the Agreement. Subletting of parking spaces, housing, in part or whole, loaning of any contents or equipment is not permitted.


Unless specified in the Agreement, parking is an additional cost and subject to availability at time of request.


A cleaning service with linen change is also available upon request. The service provided does not include cleaning cookware, ovens or grills.

Please Note:

  • Exit clean does not include cleaning cookware or ovens & grills.
  • The exit clean is based on the assumption that the premises will be left in a clean & tidy condition. Any extraordinary cleaning will incur charges at an additional hourly rate

Office Hours

For general enquiries and information please call only within business hours  8am – 5.30pm Monday – Friday

General Maintenance

Please contact our office by phone or email during business hours if there are any matters that require attention.

Urgent Repairs

The guest is required to notify our office immediately of the need for any urgent repairs. This is of particular importance when the issue, if left unaddressed, may lead to further damage. Examples include leaking or blocked water source (drain, shower, tap etc), flood damage, electrical faults, carpet damage/ serious stains and the like.

Emergency Calls

A 24 hour call service is provided for genuine emergencies. A staff member will be available on the office number + 61 2 9958 3000 & by following the prompts.

For Police, Fire or Ambulance please phone 000


When utilising the Housing provided please respect your neighbours’ right to “quiet enjoyment”. If you experience unacceptable behavior of others within the building, please contact our office in business hours.


If you receive any mail not addressed to yourself, please do not open, cross out the address and redirect the mail by writing “try Unit 2, 181 High Street, Willoughby NSW 2068 ” and then place in an Australia Post mailbox.

No Smoking

All apartments are Non Smoking


Pets are not permitted.

Smoke Alarms

Should you activate the smoke alarm by excess smoke from cooking, this may result in attendance of the Fire Brigade and you will be responsible for any costs incurred. Please do not remove smoke alarms. If your smoke alarm is beeping, please contact Corporate Housing to change the battery.

NOTE:  Please ensure the range hood is utilised (when available) whilst cooking and windows opened to air the apartment when strong cooking odours are present.

Apartment Care

Please inform Corporate Housing of any items become damaged or are removed during your stay. Costs may apply to items damaged / stained / missing including cookware, keys, furniture, towels, sheets, stains on carpets etc.

Please ensure that windows, balcony & front doors are locked when you are not home and switch off kitchen appliances when not in use. When cooking do not allow fats/oils to splash on the heating element/flame. Non compatible electrical items should not be used in power points. Do not attempt repairs within the apartment or bring any flammable items/liquids into the apartment.


All Kitchenware must be maintained and left in a clean usable condition prior to departure. Cleaning of kitchenware items are not included in weekly clean or the one off exit clean.  Any burnt, damaged, stained, missing or unclean cookware may result in charges for replacement.

Apartment Access

Corporate Housing retains the right to access the apartment  for maintenance, cleaning or inspections with reasonable notice. Wherever possible we will provide 24 hours notice and accommodate your preferred time.

Body Corporate Rules

It is expected that all Guests will abide by Body Corporate rules and requirements.


Vacate time is 10am on day of departure. Accommodation charges continue until all keys are returned. Please ensure your apartment is left in a clean and tidy condition and report any maintenance items that require attention

Any items left in the apartment will be considered unwanted and disposed of accordingly.

Minimum Terms & Notice

Written notice of departure is required in accordance with the Agreement. Notice of departure is required and minimum terms will be specified on your Agreement. Alternatively, you may provide a confirmed departure date prior to arrival, which will be noted on your Agreement. Notice will be received between Monday and Friday (excluding public holidays) no later than 5pm (Eastern Standard Time) on each working day.

In the event of an unexpected or early departure during your stay, we will aim to re-book the apartment. Any days we are able to re book inside the minimum term commitment will be refunded.

Cancellation Prior to Arrival 

Bookings may be cancelled up to 14 days prior to confirmed arrival date. Cancellation within 14 days of arrival will incur payment of 7 days rental.

Importantly  – the team at Corporate Housing are here to assist you during your stay, so please contact our office if you have any questions or queries regarding the above or any other aspect of your accommodation.